Data led decision making.

Access to more and more data helps who? Who Is best placed to access and make inferences from this increasing stack of data?

From an interesting article from the financial times big data series we generated 2 Exo bytes between the beginning of time and 2004. We now take 2-3 days to generate this, soon to become 10-20 minutes. This is truly a disruptive amount of data. So much of the modern world is now addressable and the rate of increase is increasing. This is the age of data for sure.

Least placed are rural and small economies. Often technically reduced but perhaps with some of the most impact full datasets. Rural settings so tranquil and beautiful and surrounded by price data, time series zipping around the place. Accessing and predicting in these settings I predict are an untapped market and one that needs and benefit from synthesis of datasets.

In a series of blog posts I plan to uncover the under side of big data in the rural economy through real application. Unearth how data led decision making can make a difference, apply disruptive analytics at the very heart of our rural economy.

My first article scheduled for print quite soon is around log prices, something that is seasonal and effects so many folks. Plan to publish this very soon.


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